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OK Eero, I'm going to create some mockups asap!

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 On torstai 27 joulukuu 2012, Benedek Imre wrote:
 > I agree and disagree with you at the same time. Yes, one of the most 
 > important value of Xubuntu is it's lightweight, it's fast and flexible. 
 > I don't think the developers want to give up these values. But! There 
 > are more possibility to beautify, to give more uniqueness, to strengthen
 >  the identity of this distro by default. To do this is absolutely not
 > equal to Xubuntu have to be heavyweight and slow. Some example:
 > -  I think the Settings are a bit helter-skelter. Why do I have to open 2
 >  or 3 panel item to fine tune the appearance? The desktop wallpaper 
 > settings panel is really awful. Some of the settings open a new window -
 >  I know its reason, but it's not elegant. If the developers redesign and
 >  reorganize these settings items and tabs they do not slow down the 
 > system and do not need more space in the release. - I don't think if 
 > there could be a unique application menu based on the application finder
 >  it causes slow down or Xubuntu will be heavyweight because of this. -
 > If the 'About' menu could show a stronger Xubuntu identity it does not
 > eventuate system slow down.
 Can you provide UI mockups of what your ideas would look like?
 You could use e.g. Glade for doing the mockups:
 (Ubuntu has packages for it.)
  - Eero
 > These  are just ideas of course. Yes, a lot of customization can made 
 > manually, but if we neglect the design, it's the same if Apple (for 
 > example) sells motherboards, CPUs and RAM moduls and everybody have to 
 > assemble them by himself. ONE OF THE KEYS TO SUCCESS IS THE DESIGN.
 > Lightweight and design are not mutually exclusive things.
 > I've read "Not that the beauty don't count, but"... so I know what You
 > mean, I just want to declare design is very important (beside others of
 > course) . Sincerely, Imre
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