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Sorry Guys, I know it's not the right place to get help - please be patient with me. :-)

My problem is Thunar (or Thunar-volman) does not automount removeable volumes. They appear in Thunar's sidebar, but they're unmounted by default. It's quite irritating, because if I want to listen an audio CD for example, I have to mount it manually.
Xubuntu 12.10, Xfce 4.10
Kernel 3.5.0-19-generic 64bit
Thunar 1.6.0It's a freshly installed system with the latest updates, I do not use any kind of 'special' but only the core applications.I've checked:
- Settings > Removable drives and Media > on Storage tab the first 3 options are checked.
-  Settings > Settings Editor > thunar volman > automount drives,  media and autobrowse are enabled. (Theoretically these are the same as  above.)
- Reinstalled Thunar-volman: no change.
- Reinstalled the whole system: no change.
Automounting works perfectly in 12.04.
Any suggestion or idea?
Thank You in advance:

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