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Wed Dec 26 11:31:47 UTC 2012

One thing that i hope in Xubuntu, now and in the future it is that xubuntu team don't try to reinvented him self 180°.
Today i don't think in Xubuntu as a Ubuntu or Windows replacer, but in a another option, a option that match 88% of my desires.
And what i hope from the xubuntu team it is that the beauty point is not the point that must have all the focus and attentions, i don't wanna a Ubuntu that is beautifully but consume a giga on startup and is slows and a slug and looks that the only goal of them is to make Unity more and more heavier, oops, beautiful ( what is a sad thing because when i start in Linux world, one thing that amazed me is that Ubuntu was very, very fast, much more that windows vista and XP, but today Ubuntu is as much heavy as Windows 7). And i hope that Xubuntu Team NEVER do this kind of exchange, performance x beauty or.. much less, lot less performance and little more beauty. Like i said, for me Xubuntu already had a great beautiful, great aspect and feeling level, don't need to have a big focus on this side. There is a plenty of themes out there and a infinity amount of wallpapers, even a picture of my hand i can use and wallpaper, just give a way to find and change this by myself in a easier way.
You can even create a account on 4shared or other site and put there all themes that match perfect with Xubuntu and then you have the default theme and a place to find others theme and no a bunch of theme per-instaled  making the whole system heavier, i can use i for a example, i change the color of the panel in PANEL PREFERENCES and in Appearance choose a solid color and is done, choose a color with eyedropper and don't touch in there anymore.
Will be the customization , stability and low power hungry that will make us happier and bring more people to Xubuntu. Not that the beauty don't count, but, for me is almost that i expect Xubuntu, in release that xubuntu has updated, with the last kernel, the last whole XFCE(thunar, painel, terminal and others) the updated apps as the last stable Firefox/ evince, the last drivers and MORE and MORE smoothness in stability, in performance in bug fix, in the programs inter-integration.

Like Pasi said "the same, but, better!" when i heard that i thing "music to my ears!"

I guess the better way to make change is changing a little release by release.
And i think only the critical things must be drastically changed.
And not just that.
Please, user, developers and lovers of xubuntu, don't try look to others distros to copy nothing. Xubuntu don't need the dash or mint menu.
The Menu of Xubuntu is a CLASSIC, works REALLY FINE. lightweight, customizable and i can get what i want fast, and if i don't want to go the i can bring some icon to the painel or create a whole menu only with things that i need as quick as i can.
I use Xubuntu in three monitors in home and i can do whatever i want, put four panel in each monitor, just one that can show or disappear or none and is this what i love in xubuntu, work perfect in my power horse desktop and in my rabbit power laptop and this is really great because when i like one program in my desk i can put the same in my lap and go to anywhere.
Xubuntu is my perfect OS i guess about two years or a little more, am always trying other distros and am always running back for xubuntu.

So... get lighter, get stable, get smoother, get updated and please keep the great job.
Let me choose more options in a easier way and more wide way.
Always with solid choices and a way to make everything in the default again.

During the time that i writing this email in other monitor i look for or try to find the right words to write(because i am not a native English language , i am from Brazil) and in other i  am installing and test Xubuntu daily build 64b  03-12-12 on O.V.Box and in my lap i am using 13.04 64b sense the first day that was release.

Once more, thanks very much for Xubuntu
Mais uma vez, muito obrigado por manterem o Xubuntu eu acho ele ótimo, quase perfeito. 		 	   		  
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