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Leon diniz da costa leondc1 at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 1 12:28:38 UTC 2012

In my mind, first off all, i will say what i say for XFCE developers, XFCE plus Ubuntu is just perfect, and the choices that Xubuntu Team make and the polishing edges for me... 
Xubuntu is the BEST OS, i have in my desktop, in my laptop, in the desk on job, in a pen drive for use where i want, and the modularaty and the customization for me... truly beautiful.
For the next i just want for the Xubuntu:
- Is to remove parole that i don't use for NOTHING, i use vlc and smplayer,  but, i think that the better choice for player is VLC, work with everything Out-of-the-box or if can't put VLC leave empty, we will install what ever we want.
- Remove XFBURN because i don't use any disk burner anymore, and not that they are a not good, but k3b is the best.
- Make the Menu showing all app installed on my computer and not have to choose one by one how will show, besides that, the MenuEditor MUST edit the Menu, course i know that will be replace by MenuLibre, what i am waiting,( using the ppa for xfce 4.12 i can edit the menu)
-Synaptic MUST come with Xubuntu.
-Sense i start to use Xubuntu, i have problems with thumbnails and this is a really big issue for me, i don't know if this problem is just with me or with everybody else, but these problem is i guess only with videos
---The Theme and icons already reach a really satisfatory level and can be left aside for a while and the focus must go to left xubuntu even more lightweight and stable then already is, because he is asking for more and more power in any release and for me has two things that i love in xubuntu, customization and the performance, however both  is almost there, Both is something that how much more i have more i want.
----THE MUST MUST HAVE in the Xubunu 13.04 be completely update with xfce 4.12, the monitors configurations is absolutely a pleasure even more because i use three monitors and is a BIG fight using ATI drivers and normal fight use Nvidia drivers and with the use of this new Monitors Options  all problems has vanish completely as they never happen. And the Xfce 4.12 also has tabs, and this is something that i have waiting for a long time.
I am alredy using 13.04 on Lap, and the only problem that i had is that its not all ppa that already are compatible with 13.04 in that level of development is something really normal.

But, whatever choice the Team do, i wanna say that i love Xubuntu, each day that pass i am expecting for more and more news about the development and programs that can be add to get even better experience on xubuntu.


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> I think the main thing to improve in my opinion would be a more lightweight package manager like others have said, such as  The lubuntu one, or synaptic (but may not be as user friendly). In terms of applications, in some ways it is better to put a few installed by default than loads, it is good to choose them after the install. I think the theming and other aspects are great already, thanks for the hard work that has been put into this. A control-alt-t shortcut may be useful for terminal, though this is already very easy to set up in the settings manager.
> Joshua
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