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Eero Tamminen oak at
Sun Oct 30 21:45:51 UTC 2011


On sunnuntai 30 lokakuu 2011, Pasi Lallinaho wrote:
> On 10/30/2011 10:03 PM, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> >> Any ideas on how to express that Xubuntu works with say 5-year old
> >> PC's too, but probably not with anything really ancient?
> > 
> > "Works also with few years older hardware"
> > "Doesn't require 3d acceleration"
> > ?
> > 
> > Nowadays it being a more traditional desktop can also be
> > a selling point as there seem to be quite a fwe people who
> > aren't too fond of the changes in Gnome3 or KDE4.
> I'm not sure if we want to use "traditional" (or "conservative") to that
> matter, even if that might be correct. I think many people will think
> "old" if one uses these words. Any ideas on other wording?

"Familiar".  "A modern Linux desktop that hasn't thrown away
what's good in the UI interactions people have gotten used to."

I'm referring here to focus follows mouse, toolbars, menus[1] etc.

[1] For example, although I currently happen to be using KDE4, I hate how
in its applications menu you have to click to view subcategories and click
(or press ESC) to see the previous hiearchy level.

> The current drafted introduction can be seen at
> Let's not make this an issue too big. Once we've got our latest changes
> for the theme and the slideshow plugin in, let's try to go online as
> soon as possible, and think of changes to that after releasing.

Btw. There's one minor thing which I think really bad on these pages:
* The example images are small and you cannot get full sized
  images, even on the feature tour page.

If ones trying to promote a desktop, one should at least offer
possibility to view 1:1 sized desktop screenshots. :-)

Maybe the pages could also explain very shortly how Xubuntu differs
from the other Ubuntu variants.  Now there are just references to
Ubuntu, without any explaination what's the relation of that to Xubuntu.

This explanation should be clear enough that people understand how
Xubuntu differs from e.g. Lubuntu.  That one seems to be sacraficing
functionality & usability in the application selection in order to keep
more lightweight.

There doesn't seem to be currently a strategy / positioning document
for Xubuntu, but I think that would be a good place for such an explanation.
I don't think it makes sense for Xubuntu to aim as low as Lubuntu does.
User friendliness / usability (including localization etc) is more

	- Eero

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