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On 10/30/2011 10:03 PM, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> Hi,
> On sunnuntai 30 lokakuu 2011, Pasi Lallinaho wrote:
>> On 10/30/2011 01:29 PM, Elizabeth Krumbach wrote:
>>> <xubuntu-devel at>   wrote:
>>>> "It works well on a bit older hardware too." doesn't really read too
>>>> well in English.  I'd suggest either "It works well on older hardware
>>>> too." or "It works quite well on older hardware too."
>>> Actually, can we get rid of it entirely?
>>> On the old site we worked to remove references to Xubuntu being
>>> optimized to run on older hardware because there are concerns about
>>> how well it actually does out of the box - too many reviews were being
>>> written with "this is supposed to be light-weight, and it's not"
> Does this refer to resource (memory, disk) consumption or
> CPU consumption (other than paging/swapping when memory
> gets lot)?
>>> slants that weren't painting the distro in a great light. I think it
>>> would be good to focus on how great of a multi-purpose distro it is in
>>> general rather than mentioning older hardware and possibly setting
>>> folks up for disappointment, particularly if their definition of
>>> "older" differs from ours.
>> that's an option too. I don't necessarily want to say "older hardware",
>> as many people think that it means any computer ever built.
>> On the other hand, since Xubuntu has gathered this reputation of being
>> light (whether it was true or false), it would be nice to not just
>> change the direction suddenly - at least seemingly.  This is why I'd
>> like to keep it, and also since we are getting light(er) again, compared
>> to Ubuntu for example.
>> Any ideas on how to express that Xubuntu works with say 5-year old PC's
>> too, but probably not with anything really ancient?
> "Works also with few years older hardware"
> "Doesn't require 3d acceleration"
> ?
> Nowadays it being a more traditional desktop can also be
> a selling point as there seem to be quite a fwe people who
> aren't too fond of the changes in Gnome3 or KDE4.

I'm not sure if we want to use "traditional" (or "conservative") to that 
matter, even if that might be correct. I think many people will think 
"old" if one uses these words. Any ideas on other wording?

The current drafted introduction can be seen at

Let's not make this an issue too big. Once we've got our latest changes 
for the theme and the slideshow plugin in, let's try to go online as 
soon as possible, and think of changes to that after releasing.


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