RFC: An ISO reporting system.

madnick dr.madnick at gmail.com
Sat Oct 29 08:47:53 UTC 2011


GridCube has been working on a system for reporting the results of our
ISO testing, the system can be found here:
http://www.madnick.se/~gridcube/ .

Yesterday, we decided to create a LP project for this system. As a
result, it will be a software package that anyone can setup for their
own ISO testing purposes.

However, a redesign will be made of this system, I have put together
some specifications for this system that I find desirable.

I propose that we write this system using the following languages: PHP,
(My)SQL, HTML5, Javascript, CSS.

Using those languages ensures a wide audience, since all that is
required is a LAMP environment and a somewhat up to date browser.

The feature I feel is most important for a system like this, is the
ability to extract reports (with pretty graphs ;)), for that to work, we
need a well designed database that allows for a variety of search

Here is a quick overview over how the database is *currently* "designed":


Testcases (holds all test cases)
TestsPerformed (holds the status of a particular test performed by a user)
Users (the user table, a user can have a certain rank within the system
etc, so that he may perform certain duties)
Comments (holds all comments for a performed test)
ComputerSpecs (holds the computer specs for a performed test)

Input on this design would be greatly appreciated.

This is really all I could think of at this point, feel free to add more
specifications / wishes.

Oh and, we may need some contributors to this system, so feel free to
tell us if you wish to join in.

Current URL to LP is: https://launchpad.net/dirs

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