Roadmap items approval and schedule

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Mon Nov 21 22:24:33 UTC 2011

This is a call for Xubuntu developers to open their mouth and give 
counterarguments for roadmap items [1], if willing.

Note that those items with * in the assignee field, approval means that 
people can start working with the items, but further community 
discussion and approval will have to be given before any work within the 
specification can start. To be as verbose and clear as possible, these 
items are:
- New media player (audio)
- Ubiquity "Application sets"
- Rethink shortcut keys
- Clean themes (GTK, xfwm, wallpapers) list

For all other items, approval means that people are free to start 
working on the items. These items will need community approval before 
committing to repositories too.

If no argumenst against the items are made before the end of November, 
all items with assignees will be accepted. Items that have no assignee 
will not be approved, and will be postponed to next release. You can 
take any items with no assignee until the end of November. (Note that 
all the blueprints are accepted for Precise now for technical reasons.)

Note that new items can't be added to the roadmap anymore, without 
getting specific approval at the community meeting in advance. The 
blueprints and specifications for all items should be ready before the 
end of Week 50.

I hope I was clear enough. If there is anything you'd like to ask or 
add, please reply to the list as soon as possible.



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