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Bruno Benitez gridcube at
Mon Jun 20 20:06:32 UTC 2011

Hello to all, hope you are having a very nice day.

First of all thanks to all the people who makes xubuntu, I always find  this
to be one of the greatest linux distros I've tried. So Thank You All.

Now to business, as I've proposed on the #xubuntu-devel channel I would like
if Xubuntu had a "Top 10 FAQ", Why? because I feel that if a new user comes
to an absolute new OS and finds out he can't listen his music he might go
and say, "What?!" and then leave, but if he would come and see that what he
has just installed says to them "Here, check this top 10 questions to get
you started", then he would feel welcome and will most probably stay.

So I'm proposing this possible, not demandatory, and not even 10, questions,
in no particular order either:

*How to listen music and play video?
How to install video drivers?
How to turn sound?
How to play DVD's?
How to enable Compiz? (*this is a really usual question on #xubuntu*)
How does one move panels? (*this might sound silly, but many people have
asked this at least once, me included*)
How to add new themes?
Why don't wallpapers stay listed on the xfdesktop-settings?

I am also proposing this to be 10 FAQ because that would make them easy to
mantain, and easy to translate to many languages by those people interested
on to it, like me.

Well thats all i guess, have a good day.

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