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Mon Jun 6 01:01:10 UTC 2011


I have become truly worried with what happened to xubuntu. Today windows
lost title bars and every decoration. It is also hard to switch between
running application, because Alt + Tab does not work. In no time this
fast and efficient distribution became disabled worse than me. (I
switched for xubuntu after using ubuntu for some years and latest

I wasn't waiting long to start fixing it. I looked through a few
post/solutions, changed /etc/xorg.conf file twice to get no visible

That is why I would like to ask a question when these changes will be
fixed; or maybe it is a hint to switch again to another distribution?
(After radical improvements of ubuntu I tried Fedora 15, Mint Katya and
ended up with xubuntu, happy till the afternoon.) Maybe Debian will stay
without these excellent improvements and will remain usable.

If the upgrade of this problem is beyond Canonical I would like to ask
for a solution. I am really tired of looking through dozens of
good-for-nothing so called solutions. (I have just found out that
Firefox though without decorations and title bar, still allows me to
open a new tab with the '+' button.)

It is really sad to look at truly efficient and fast Linux distribution
so horribly mutilated. It was really responsive, fast and efficient. I
was amazed and pleasantly surprised.

I am looking forward to hearing from you,

Sebastian Kazimierski.

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