Meeting notes 2011-06-05

Micah Gersten micahg at
Sun Jun 5 23:12:04 UTC 2011

Team updates - Team Leads
    Packaging & Development
In mr_pouit's absence, I gave the update.
<micahg> ok, so, congratulations to all, we released alpha 1!
<micahg> we're looking to swap out gdm with lightdm in the near future,
I will coordinate that with mr_pouit
<micahg> from the ML, it looks like we're going to add pavucontrol and
pastebinit to the default install
<micahg> charlie-tca was also interested in adding midori as well as a
second browser to give it some wider testing, we'll have to see if
there's space available for that

Bug Triage & Testing
 <micahg> ok, well I'd like to thank all the testers of alpha 1

Website & Marketing
 <pleia2> yep, on the website side I just got a test install of
wordpress up on a site where knome and I have ssh access
 <pleia2> so we should be able to start theme development this week :)
 <pleia2> on list I also proposed a "promote xubuntu" section of our
site where we can link to our logos and stuff for people who want to put
xubuntu banners on their blogs/sites/etc
<pleia2> for marketing

Thanks to everyone who attended.

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