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Bruno Benitez gridcube at
Mon Jul 25 17:23:59 UTC 2011

I do know that there is no such "standard image editor" but if we never
start finding one, or adding one to our apps then we will never have one, I
think there should be a "standard image editor"
a "professional image editor" (GIMP/others) and then we could have "Image
viewers" whit some "editing capabilities" (gpicview/gthumb).  I do not
propose Pinta directly, It looks awesome in my opinion, but it does depend a
lot on Mono, so if its choosen it wont ment a huge space saver either...

2011/7/25 Jarno Suni <jarno.ilari.suni at>

> I don't think you waste time installing Xubuntu by additionally
> complementing it by installing ubuntustudio-graphics. For those who
> don't use drawing software, downloading and installing Gimp is waste
> of time and capacity anyway. For me default Xubuntu has never been all
> I need and I have always complemented it by some software. On the
> other hand it has always had some software that I have not used.
> If floating toolboxes of Gimp are disturbing, one option is to post a
> feature request to Gimp. You can address the scary characters to
> developers. Some software such as xine have different user interface
> modes for people who have different experience level. Throwing all
> work away is not the only option. You can make toolboxes float in
> Pinta, too, BTW. (Once I made one of its toolbox float, I could not
> undo it the way I wanted, though.)
> It might not be wise to learn to use some random image manipulation
> program and later notice it can not do what you want. The original
> poster Bruno Benitez requested some standard simple editor, but I am
> afraid it does not exist. Pinta is pretty new, I would not call it
> standard, at least yet. However, its user interface might be somewhat
> simpler.
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