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Bruno Benitez gridcube at
Fri Jul 22 15:08:00 UTC 2011

For everyday work whit images i've found that
gpicview<>from the lxde project
it's actually pretty awesome, rotating an image or
saving in another format is pretty quick, I don't think it can handle batch
conversions or renamings tho.

for the media recording programs I don't think xubuntu will ever use k3b,
being kde dependant and all, and i think xfce people is working on improving
xfburn, so yeah.


2011/7/22 James Freer <jessejazza3 at>

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> Hello, how is everybody? Hope you are all okay.
> I have always found that having GIMP as the default graphic editor for any
> distribution to be "too much", I am of the opinion that people get scare if
> then come and see so many options and floating menus and etc, so I think
> that Xubuntu (and any linux distro if that matters) should have a standard
> simple graphic editor.
> I think the best options today are GNU Paint  and Pinta , if anything i
> support the second one.
> I think that having a simple editor will make people like the system
> better, also integrating it to the screen capture program could be a great
> idea, i know that today on the screencapture program that comes whit xubuntu
> an "open whit..." option appears as part of the options of what to do whit
> the screenshot, it could be really cool if the preselected option where
> "Open whit... [image editor]" and the user can choose then if to edit it,
> add words, cut, mark things, etc, or simply save it to a file.
> well i think thats pretty much it. :) thank you for reading.
> --
> Bruno.-
> In response to your post i hope it's ok to volunteer some thoughts.
> Having a simple editor that is inline with the xubuntu practice of minimal
> and simplicity is a good idea. But the application does need to work
> effectively.
> examples
> a] Bulk rename is fine - effective and fit-for-purpose.... i used to use
> kRename [now redone and rather complicated.
> b] dics burning xfburn and Brasero are fine... no need for k3b.
> c] Ristretto... poor compared with eog. eog is still lightweight but more
> capable.
> As for Gimp i find it too advanced for my photo uses and have used
> Imagemagick for sometime now as it fits together well with the album
> generator llgal. Pinta would seem a good idea. I don't know if there is
> another command line editor but in xubuntu the 'openterminal here' that
> comes up in Thunar is ideal [don't think ubuntu had this] for then running a
> comand line app. Just seems to fit nicely with copying pics to directories
> and batch rename, resize and watermark.
> yours
> james
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