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Phil Whitaker xubuntu-devel at beardygnome.co.uk
Tue Jul 19 20:44:37 UTC 2011

> Or if user installs xubuntu metapackage to a Kubuntu distro, should
> the alternative be "Xubuntu distribution" or "XFCE desktop"?

I think that you have misunderstood me - I am not suggesting alternative
wording that we might like to use,  I am quoting the session options that I
have when I log into my desktop.  The options are "Xfce session" and
"Xubuntu session" and the correct one to choose is "Xubuntu session".  If
you choose "Xfce session", you get a slightly different desktop (for
example, last time I did this, there was no "Other" section in the
Applications menu").

Regardless of how Xubuntu has been installed, I believe that the correct
session to choose if you want to boot into Xubuntu (i.e. Ubuntu + Xfce) is
"Xubuntu session".



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