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Bruno Benitez gridcube at
Tue Jul 19 16:51:07 UTC 2011

Hello, how is everybody? Hope you are all okay.

I have always found that having GIMP as the default graphic editor for any
distribution to be "too much", I am of the opinion that people get scare if
then come and see so many options and floating menus and etc, so I think
that Xubuntu (and any linux distro if that matters) should have a standard
simple graphic editor.

I think the best options today are GNU Paint
<> and
Pinta  <>, if anything i support the second one.

I think that having a simple editor will make people like the system better,
also integrating it to the screen capture program could be a great idea, i
know that today on the screencapture program that comes whit xubuntu an
"open whit..." option appears as part of the options of what to do whit the
screenshot, it could be really cool if the preselected option where "Open
whit... [image editor]" and the user can choose then if to edit it, add
words, cut, mark things, etc, or simply save it to a file.

well i think thats pretty much it. :) thank you for reading.
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