default applications for natty

Eero Tamminen oak at
Wed Jan 26 20:44:17 UTC 2011


On keskiviikko 26 tammikuu 2011, rent0n wrote:
> - Let's stick with Firefox and Thunderbird: they are well integrated and
> much more tested than Chromium and Claws. Mozilla software is great and
> well-known and might facilitate the transition of users from other
> systems. Claws configuration, for example, is not as straightforward as
> Thunderbird's.
> Imho, they're the best browser/mail client around. Also, by now, they
> are part of the Xubuntu's look and feel.
> - LightDM instead of GDM would be great, let's get rid of these GNOME
> dependencies (provided this piece of software is stable).
> - GIMP: I see the point in removing it, though I don't completely agree.
> I wouldn't replace it with something else though, like a photo
> organizer.

I think image organizers and their light-weight image manipulation features
are nowadays (that almost everybody has camera at least in his/her phone)
more used than plain image manipulation programs like Gimp.

> GIMP can be installed after installation, similarly to what I
> do with Openoffice and Inkscape.
> - Archive manager: I've been using Squeeze for a while now, without any
> issues. It's lighter than File Roller, works better than Xarchiver and
> it's an Xfce project. What else?

As to rest of replacements... Are they as well localized as what they're

> And a couple of questions:
> - Why do we need GNOME's keyring? Is it for Network Manager?
> I personally prefer Wicd over NM, but I wouldn't change it as NM has
> proven to be more reliable for certain particular wireless
> configurations (i.e. eduroam).
> - Vinagre (Remote Desktop Viewer): has someone actually ever used it?

Never.  Nor any of the other remote desktop viewer apps, they're more of
nerd tools. (My remote nerd tool is ssh or "ssh -X".)

> Should we really keep it?

I think anybody knowing what it is, knows how to find it if it's not
pre-installed, but I guess having them could be useful for thin clients?

How important the thin client use-cases are for Xubuntu strategy?

	- Eero

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