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On Tue, 25 Jan 2011 23:25:41 +0000
rent0n <rent0n at> wrote:

> - Let's stick with Firefox and Thunderbird: they are well integrated
> and much more tested than Chromium and Claws. Mozilla software is
> great and well-known and might facilitate the transition of users
> from other systems. Claws configuration, for example, is not as
> straightforward as Thunderbird's.
> Imho, they're the best browser/mail client around. Also, by now, they 
> are part of the Xubuntu's look and feel.

Errm, "much more tested" maybe by you, I personally haven't used
Thunderbird for a few years now so I couldn't even say how stable it is
And about the look-and-feel and integration: I assume you have never
tried to theme either of those two. It's surely getting better, but
those two programmes always needed a few workarounds to make them work
in most themes (because they're not gtk - as opposed to Claws, not

> - LightDM instead of GDM would be great, let's get rid of these GNOME 
> dependencies (provided this piece of software is stable).

Please follow up on the separate thread Charlie started on that one.

> - GIMP: I see the point in removing it, though I don't completely
> agree. I wouldn't replace it with something else though, like a photo 
> organizer. GIMP can be installed after installation, similarly to
> what I do with Openoffice and Inkscape.

Replacing Gimp with Shotwell also sounds odd to me (I agree with Phil
and rent0n on that one), though I could live without it in a default

> - Vinagre (Remote Desktop Viewer): has someone actually ever used it? 
> Should we really keep it?

Never used it and I'm really wondering why this functionality has to be
provided by default, but I'm happy to hear it.


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