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Tue Jan 25 23:25:41 UTC 2011

Hello everyone,

My two cents:

- Let's stick with Firefox and Thunderbird: they are well integrated and 
much more tested than Chromium and Claws. Mozilla software is great and 
well-known and might facilitate the transition of users from other 
systems. Claws configuration, for example, is not as straightforward as 
Imho, they're the best browser/mail client around. Also, by now, they 
are part of the Xubuntu's look and feel.

- LightDM instead of GDM would be great, let's get rid of these GNOME 
dependencies (provided this piece of software is stable).

- GIMP: I see the point in removing it, though I don't completely agree. 
I wouldn't replace it with something else though, like a photo 
organizer. GIMP can be installed after installation, similarly to what I 
do with Openoffice and Inkscape.

- Archive manager: I've been using Squeeze for a while now, without any 
issues. It's lighter than File Roller, works better than Xarchiver and 
it's an Xfce project. What else?

And a couple of questions:

- Why do we need GNOME's keyring? Is it for Network Manager?
I personally prefer Wicd over NM, but I wouldn't change it as NM has 
proven to be more reliable for certain particular wireless 
configurations (i.e. eduroam).

- Vinagre (Remote Desktop Viewer): has someone actually ever used it? 
Should we really keep it?


On 25/01/11 18:54, Phil Whitaker wrote:
> Doesn't shotwell only make the changes to its own version of a photo,
> rather than the original (like Picasa)?  I'm not sure that shotwell and
> gimp are comparable apps - shotwell is a photo organiser, whereas gimp
> is an image manipulation tool.  IMO, if we're going to replace gimp, it
> should be a for a more like-for-like tool.
> Phil
> On 25 January 2011 13:13, Jim Campbell <jwcampbell at
> <mailto:jwcampbell at>> wrote:
>     Hi All,
>     On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 11:20 AM, Glenn de Groot
>     <glenn_de_groot at <mailto:glenn_de_groot at>> wrote:
>         I also think we need to get rid of gimp like ubuntu did.
>         We will probably get a large number of people going with xubuntu
>         instead of ubuntu on april. (Unity...)
>         Gimp is just too advanced, we could use rgbpaint, maybe mtpaint
>         or shotwell.
>     I would be in favor of a switch to Shotwell in place of Gimp, too.
>       People who want to use Gimp could easily install it, but I think
>     Shotwell would provide a slightly better out-of-the-box experience
>     for regular desktop users.  It does a good job of managing photos,
>     and provides for basic image editing (e.g., rotate, crop, remove
>     redeye, etc.) It would have an added side-benefit of taking up less
>     space on-disk, too.
>     I did briefly review the strategy document before posting this & I
>     didn't find any text that seemed to strongly direct us here. I think
>     making this change would be worth considering, though.
>     Jim
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