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Phil Whitaker xubuntu-devel at
Sat Jan 8 03:51:19 UTC 2011

I agree that we shouldn't change the default apps too much and should only
do so if there's a real benefit to be gained.

That said, my browser vote goes to Chromium - I switched from Firefox over
12 months ago and I've never looked back.  The daily version of Chromium
from the PPA is slightly more unstable than Firefox, but I'm assuming we'll
go with the stable release, so this shouldn't be an issue.  IN my opinion,
Firefox is old and tired when compared to Chromium - the layout is cleaner
and I'm much more productive since switching.

For the email client, I mainly use webmail, but I've used both Thunderbird
and Claws in the past and found them to be very similar.  I would suggest
that we keep Thunderbird for Natty - it's popular on Windows so will lower
the entry barrier for new users switching from Windows and by the sound of
the above, we don't make any significant savings by moving to Claws.

I currently use Exaile for audio media and Shoutcast, but I'm not overly
attached to it, so if someone can point me in the direction of some serious
alternatives, I'll happily give them a go (as long as they are available for
Maverick, I'm not on Natty yet).

In general, I'd say that swapping Gnome apps for pure GTK apps is to be
encouraged, so dropping GDM would get my vote as long as LXDM or LightDM are
good enough replacements.

One Gnome thing I would keep is gnome-screensaver; it's *so* much nicer than

Hope that helps.

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