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Browser choice is normally based on personal preference. Would it be possible to have a first run menu that asks the end user what browser they want, and what feature sets they would like?

This may be a step backwards, but I think of centos and anaconda asking me what packages I want by default. Something similar but simpler could help cut down on the memory footprint.

For me on my laptop, I don't need printing support, but would prefer firefox and thunderbird despite them being a little more memory intensive.

I would also be happy to drop any media application, because my laptop is just used for field work for my company. I used to uninstall openoffice when it was included too.

If this menu was presented after the install, then apt could be used to fetch the packages. This would free up some space on the cd, and help manage the fact that chromium updates every 6 weeks.

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On 01/07/2011 01:11 PM, Jim Campbell wrote:
> Hi All,
> On Fri, Jan 7, 2011 at 11:30 AM, Glenn de Groot
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> Hello,
> here are some of my thoughts:
> Chromium looks really odd and alien on linux, and Midori is
> unstable, so I say stick with FF.
> Claws-mail is really good and lightweight, it will be a good
> thunderbird replacement.
> Exaile is not bad but I like (the new) Audacious a lot.
> It has a beautiful gtk interface and is the most lightweight
> player I have seen.
> Also, has lightdm ever been considered?
> It seems to be awesome and much lighter then gdm.
> Lxdm is good too.
> -Glenn
> If you haven't seen the latest issue, Linux Journal has a quick look
> at some alternate desktop environments, and the first one featured
> is Xfce on Xubuntu. The primary* thing that they noted was that the
> default Xubuntu install ran with 325mb of RAM used, while Ubuntu's
> default RAM usage after boot-up was 328mb (by contrast, Lubuntu used
> just 167mb of RAM). They actually suggested using Ubuntu with
> lighter-weight apps (i.e., Installing Ubuntu and replacing Rhythmbox
> with Exaile, etc.) over using Xubuntu. (Note that they didn't
> *dislike* Xubuntu, but just thought it wasn't a big advantage to use
> Xfce over Gnome.)
> Xubuntu may load some useful features that Lubuntu doesn't load, but
> that RAM usage number is one measuring stick that people use. Would
> it be worthwhile to consider any changes that might allow for lesser
> memory usage at boot? I'd be willing to help with testing out
> various configurations and reporting back to the group if that would
> help.
> Also, I went back to look at the "Should we use Chromium?" thread
> from 2009, and a couple of things have changed since then . . .
> Chromium is now stable (it was in beta at the time), there is a
> legitimate ad-blocking extension (not just ad-hiding), and it now
> allows for community translations (meaning we wouldn't be limited to
> Google Chrome's default language set.). These were all larger
> concerns at that time.
One problem with Chromium is that there are major updates every 6
weeks, so the default will be ever changing throughout the cycle.
Firefox should only have one major update throughout the cycle.  Also,
the Chromium debs are larger than the ones for Firefox.
> I'm indifferent on the mail application. If it means that we could
> get rid of Xulrunner (which would require switching to Chromium and
> Clawsmail), it might be worth considering switching to Clawsmail,
> too. I think yelp uses Xulrunner, though, and yelp gets pulled in
> with some of our gnome-apps, like file-roller.
> Jim
> *They also incorrectly ascribed the nice-looking theme to work by
> Canonical. I'll have to write a letter to the editor about that
> one. : )
Yelp should be the only thing using xulrunner at the moment in Xubuntu
as Firefox and Thunderbird each have their own copy.  If yelp is
ported to webkit, then xulrunner can be dropped, but webkit will be
pulled in.


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