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here are some of my thoughts:
Chromium looks really odd and alien on linux, and Midori is unstable, so I say stick with FF.Claws-mail is really good and lightweight, it will be a good thunderbird replacement.Exaile is not bad but I like (the new) Audacious a lot.It has a beautiful gtk interface and is the most lightweight player I have seen.
Also, has lightdm ever been considered?It seems to be awesome and much lighter then gdm.Lxdm is good too.

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> Subject: default applications for natty
> Hi everyone,
> as discussed in the xubuntu-community-meeting today I'd like to start some kind of discussion about the default applications for the next release (natty).
> Currently we have Firefox as browser, Thunderbird as email-app and Exaile as musicplayer. Those are the ones I'd personally put up for discussion, but of course we can extend this.
> There are some specs I've written a long time ago for the default mail client (at that time it was thunderbird vs. claws), you can find them here:
> In general I've found the wiki-approach semi-helpful. It's good to structure the pros and cons of an app like this, but it's not exactly a discussion starter. If any of you have time/energy to do one of these application comparisons for Natty, that would be really great. (I'm currently too busy with artwork to be able to devote the extra time.)
> So for browsers I'd say it's Firefox vs. Midori and Chromium.
> For Email apps it's Thunderbird vs. Claws-mail (again).
> The selection of music players is pretty large nowadays, not sure what to suggest here.
> Ok, this should be enough to get some discussion going.
> All the best
> Simon
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