default applications for natty

Simon Steinbeiß simon.steinbeiss at
Thu Jan 6 20:34:45 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,
as discussed in the xubuntu-community-meeting today I'd like to start some kind of discussion about the default applications for the next release (natty).
Currently we have Firefox as browser, Thunderbird as email-app and Exaile as musicplayer. Those are the ones I'd personally put up for discussion, but of course we can extend this.

There are some specs I've written a long time ago for the default mail client (at that time it was thunderbird vs. claws), you can find them here:

In general I've found the wiki-approach semi-helpful. It's good to structure the pros and cons of an app like this, but it's not exactly a discussion starter. If any of you have time/energy to do one of these application comparisons for Natty, that would be really great. (I'm currently too busy with artwork to be able to devote the extra time.)

So for browsers I'd say it's Firefox vs. Midori and Chromium.
For Email apps it's Thunderbird vs. Claws-mail (again).
The selection of music players is pretty large nowadays, not sure what to suggest here.

Ok, this should be enough to get some discussion going.
All the best

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