lucid-pre, list view: thunar not "working" anymore on the second level?

Carlos J. Gil Bellosta cgb at
Mon Mar 8 20:26:09 UTC 2010

Same here. Quite odd, isn't it?

2010/3/8 Kristian Rink <kawazu at>:
> Folks;
> so far experiencing a _rather_ strange thunar behaviour in lucid.
> Situation: I do have a folder "$HOME/stuff/documentation/". "stuff" also
> is one of my GTK bookmarks. Here is what happens:
> (1) By opening a thunar window in $HOME (i.e. using the desktop "Home"
> shortcut), I can navigate into the "stuff" folder simply (as expected)
> by double-clicking it. In there, then, however, double-clicking on any
> file/folder doesn't do anything, anymore. Navigating through entries
> using up-/down-arrow works, but selecting (in example using "enter")
> doesn't work either. "Select All" using CTRL-A also doesn't work. Once
> in this "state", navigating to any of the GTK shortcut folders work, but
> by then the behaviour is the same in any of them.
> (2) Using the GTK shortcut "Places" -> "stuff", I can navigate into
> "documentation" (and any subfolder of "stuff" which wasn't possible
> earlier), but, then, in there the same behaviour as in (1), only just
> one folder deeper in the folder tree.
> This behaviour, however, apparently only does happen while thunar being
> in "list" view... Having the file manager in icons view does work as
> expected. Sounds strange, but so far I am not sure how to provide better
> descriptions... .xsession-errors also doesn't expose any issues. Any way
> tracking this down? :o
> TIA and all the best,
> Kristian
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