lucid-pre, list view: thunar not "working" anymore on the second level?

Kristian Rink kawazu at
Mon Mar 8 19:30:31 UTC 2010


so far experiencing a _rather_ strange thunar behaviour in lucid. 
Situation: I do have a folder "$HOME/stuff/documentation/". "stuff" also 
is one of my GTK bookmarks. Here is what happens:

(1) By opening a thunar window in $HOME (i.e. using the desktop "Home" 
shortcut), I can navigate into the "stuff" folder simply (as expected) 
by double-clicking it. In there, then, however, double-clicking on any 
file/folder doesn't do anything, anymore. Navigating through entries 
using up-/down-arrow works, but selecting (in example using "enter") 
doesn't work either. "Select All" using CTRL-A also doesn't work. Once 
in this "state", navigating to any of the GTK shortcut folders work, but 
by then the behaviour is the same in any of them.

(2) Using the GTK shortcut "Places" -> "stuff", I can navigate into 
"documentation" (and any subfolder of "stuff" which wasn't possible 
earlier), but, then, in there the same behaviour as in (1), only just 
one folder deeper in the folder tree.

This behaviour, however, apparently only does happen while thunar being 
in "list" view... Having the file manager in icons view does work as 
expected. Sounds strange, but so far I am not sure how to provide better 
descriptions... .xsession-errors also doesn't expose any issues. Any way 
tracking this down? :o

TIA and all the best,

Kristian Rink * # kawazu at
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