Replacing GDM with LXDM

Glenn glenn_de_groot at
Wed Jun 9 06:01:55 UTC 2010

LXDM is actively maintained. ;)
LXDM is not marked as stable but I never had an issue with it.

Op 08-06-10 21:02, Vincent schreef:
>   * Stuff shipping in Xubuntu should be actively maintained and updated, both
> the application itself and its package in the Ubuntu repositories.
>   * They should also be stable (as in: the developer has to have it marked as
> stable).
>   * They should qualify according to the usual inclusion criteria (see the
> Xubuntu Strategy Document).
> Both DMs don't yet fulfil all criteria. The current situtation with GDM is
> really unfortunate, but the alternatives aren't great either.

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