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> Hello,
> my name is Glenn de Groot and I have been following the Xubuntu, Ubuntu
> and Lubuntu projects for almost a year.
> My major question always was why Xubuntu doesn´t ship with something
> more lightweight than GDM.
> The best replacement is LXDM, on google I have seen some information
> about LXDM and Xubuntu but it wasn´t chosen because it didn´t run on
> Ubuntu.
> Well at least now it does, it works beautifully in Lubuntu and it is
> even themable:
> (I think you should contact PCman for more
> information)
> Also, GDM needs 45 dependencies and LXDM 20.
> And alot of GDM´s dependencies are gnome ones.
> I hope this will be discussed for Maverick :)

This has been, and will probably be again, discussed. Both LXDM and SLIM
have been considered. The summary is:

 * Stuff shipping in Xubuntu should be actively maintained and updated, both
the application itself and its package in the Ubuntu repositories.
 * They should also be stable (as in: the developer has to have it marked as
 * They should qualify according to the usual inclusion criteria (see the
Xubuntu Strategy Document).

Both DMs don't yet fulfil all criteria. The current situtation with GDM is
really unfortunate, but the alternatives aren't great either.

> -Glenn de Groot
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