Replacing GDM with LXDM

Glenn glenn_de_groot at
Tue Jun 8 05:55:10 UTC 2010


my name is Glenn de Groot and I have been following the Xubuntu, Ubuntu 
and Lubuntu projects for almost a year.
My major question always was why Xubuntu doesn´t ship with something 
more lightweight than GDM.
The best replacement is LXDM, on google I have seen some information 
about LXDM and Xubuntu but it wasn´t chosen because it didn´t run on Ubuntu.
Well at least now it does, it works beautifully in Lubuntu and it is 
even themable: (I think you should contact PCman for more 

Also, GDM needs 45 dependencies and LXDM 20.
And alot of GDM´s dependencies are gnome ones.

I hope this will be discussed for Maverick :)

-Glenn de Groot

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