Bugs and Improvement ideas for XUbuntu 10.04

Pál Gergő lordofdance at freemail.hu
Wed Jul 14 10:26:36 UTC 2010

Hi again. > Really, there are people who've worked hard on quality documentation, which can really be a help sometimes :) Okay, you're right :) All document writers , excuse me for my impatience. I only open the documentations when I want to learn something new and I exactly want to know what I want to learn. (If I didn't know alreaty that swap [should] exsists, I wouldn't have created one)
> I believe that's already possible. Have you checked the Mouse and Display items, respectively, in Applications->Settings->Settings Manager? The Settings manager -> Display lets me change the resolution and the refresh rate, even rotation but not color depth.The mouse settings lets me change acceleation, and acceleration treshold, but not default speed.
>7. There should be a more easy way to change the number of desktops ,
>and to create Launcher shortcuts. (ex: right click on the desktop
>changer -> Set count ; Right click on a file -> create shortcut)

I found the Launcher creation in the desktop and Thunar. I thought KDE would also show this right-click menu item when I run a kde-based file manager( Krusader), but seems it doesn't. So sorry for this one. > 12-13-14
> Most of the things that apply to normal users are present in the documentation. The more advanced things can be learned through the internet or a guide book, but that's really out of scope to confront the bulk of the users with on the desktop. Okay, you're right. It's me-specific :)
 > Is there a place more obvious than xscreensaver to have screen locking capabilities? Basically it's just running the screensaver but not stopping until a password is entered. One of my first thing was to disable xscreensaver daemon to save memory. I thought it works on a deeper level. I didn't want a screen saver but wanted to lock my screen. > Most of the packages you install are in /var/cache/apt, IIRC :) I know, and for an automated backup, I wrote a shell script. Normal/average newcomer users won't write a shell script.

>20. The ICEDTEA (or any other firefox - openjava brigde) should be
>installed by default. Seriously.

> Why? Isn't Java installed now it's open source? Firefox and OpenJava are both installed, they just can't see each-other. I also had to install Icedtea package (that's why I called it bridge), for the two to find each-other.
>Can't you already access SMB shares through Gigolo by default? It can acces but cannot create a file sharing. > When running the LiveCD, there is System->Administration->USB Startup Disk Creator. You can also install this afterwards to easily create a bootable USB pendrive, that can also store your settings and installed applications and the like. My fault. Wasn't exploring the LiveCD deelpy enough.
 > .tar.gz in general or is this just a probably with Krusader? Right again. Only in crusader. Well sorry if I hurt anybodys feelings, I just wanted to express what a (close-to-) normal, impatient user feels.I will report special program and project related bugs to where they belong.  I am also planning to create a short step-by-step guide to install and set up Xubuntu [especially for users who don't like to read], and in that I wanted to mention the UTC, Pulsaudio, etc that a newcomer would be surprised at. And also teach some very basics, just to let the user know what should he/she google on forums. Thanks for all replies.Gregorius 
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