Whaaw Media Player

Pasi Lallinaho open at knome.fi
Fri Jan 1 20:43:27 UTC 2010

J. Anthony Limon wrote:
> J. Anthony Limon wrote:
>> Hi team,
>> I had never heard of this app before the other night, most likely due to 
>> it not being the repositories, but it seems to be an excellent fit for 
>> the XFce/Xubuntu desktop as a replacement for Totem. It's simple, light 
>> and uses gstreamer without any GNOME ties.
>> Any comments?
The fact that it's not in the repositories probably means it's not going
to be default at least in Lucid.
> I realized I forgot to supply a URL for the app, sorry guys.
> http://home.gna.org/whaawmp/
> - J
It looks nice and easy to use, though.

Then again, there is Parole
(http://goodies.xfce.org/projects/applications/parole), which is also a
new project, and might also be considered to use in Lucid+1.

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