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Hopefully, this will serve as a guide to all of us. I am sending it to

the list so the procedures remain available between releases. The

procedure I use to download and review the documentation is as follows.

1. sudo apt-get install bzr

2. after installing bazaar, you should tell it who you are: 

    bzr whoami 'Your Name <you at>'

    as in 

    bzr whoami 'Charlie Kravetz <charlie-tca at>'

3. you can also change the bazaar plugin that manages launchpad login

to match your launchpad username. 

    bzr launchpad-login <launchpad user name> 

4. If you got an error putting in your launchpad name, go to step 2 and

skip step 3. 

5. Create the bazaar directory on your drive:

    mkdir ~/bazaar

6. Now we will download the documentation:

    cd ~/bazaar

    bzr branch lp:xubuntu-docs

7. If you are asked 

    "Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?

    Type    yes    and press ENTER

8. After the download completes, 

    yelp ~/bazaar/xubuntu-docs/desktop-guide/index.xml

    press ENTER

9. Review the documentation for errors, navigating through them by

using the arrows at the bottom of each page. Note any spelling or

application errors and email to the Xubuntu developer mailing list:

xubuntu-devel at

Thank you for helping improve Xubuntu. Reviewing documentation is a

great way to help out.

- -- 

Charlie Kravetz 

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