Testing the ISOs

Ara Pulido ara at ubuntu.com
Mon Apr 19 09:58:24 UTC 2010

Hello all,

I want to raise attention to the Xubuntu developers and testers about
the necessity of testing the ISOs during milestone testing.

The release team has a policy (during Betas, RC and Final releases) of
not releasing Ubuntu oedr its derivatives until EVERY testcase has been

During Beta2 Charlie Kravetz did a fantastic job helping covering many
Xubuntu test cases, but it will be great if others could help. Upgrade
and Netboot testcases also need to be covered.

With over 150 members, I think that the Xubuntu testing community has
the necessary resources to cover the Xubuntu testcases.

Tomorrow, most likely, the first RC candidate images will be appearing,
and you can start preparing today.

1) Sync now the Xubuntu images, so it is less painful to sync tomorrow
the candidate images. You can use dl-ubuntu-test-iso to sync, it is now
packaged (ubuntu-qa-tools) and working in Lucid.

2) Install Xubuntu 9.10 amd64 and i386 in a virtual machine or a spare
partition, to have them ready to test upgrades.

3) Blog about testing, to get awareness from your users

4) Reach some power users directly, to ask them to help the project by
testing the ISOs.

I would like to discuss during UDS how to improve the testing in Ubuntu
and its derivatives. I have register a blueprint [1], in case you want
to participate during the discussion.

Check the ISO testing procedures in the wiki:




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