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Sun Apr 11 11:28:00 UTC 2010

nukiks at wrote:
> Pasi:
> I still have the mouse displayed on my youtube account. I can make the
> little mouse movie public again if you like, but I will need to know
> exactly when you can view it because I do not want it to remain public
> for long....unless of course it becomes a success! Are you available
> now? If so I will go turn it on and give the information to you again
> so you can view it. said it may be best suited for
> Edubuntu (yuk).
> Fabrizio Balsaq
To be able to use some graphics, it would need to be in a more editable
form. YouTube videos are okay for really quick demonstrations, but at
this point, we need something more.

The mouse should optimally be vector, but bitmap would work for now.
Unfortunately I don't have time to do this conversion myself, but if you
can do it yourself or get somebody else to do it, upload it to the
artwork wikipage.

On a sidenote; in the future, please respond to the messages by
bottom-posting (eg. writing your message below everything else) - that
makes the conversation easier to follow.


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