Artwork: Remaining tasks & issues for Lucid

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I still have the mouse displayed on my youtube account. I can make the little mouse movie public again if you like, but I will need to know exactly when you can view it because I do not want it to remain public for long....unless of course it becomes a success! Are you available now? If so I will go turn it on and give the information to you again so you can view it. said it may be best suited for Edubuntu (yuk). 

Fabrizio Balsaq




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I would like a revamped mouse. One that looks refined and intelligentor possibly a muscular one flexing his/her bicep.
I have submitted one already but I guess it has not created much of astir. We will try again.
Fabrizio Balsaq
Hey Balsaq, I remember I saw this mouse but can't seem to find itanywhere. Please upload it to the wikipage so we can take it intoconsiderations.


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