Artwork: Remaining tasks & issues for Lucid

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Sun Apr 11 05:32:25 UTC 2010

Hi Folks,

 I want to start a discussion about the remaining artwork tasks & issues
that need resolving for Lucid. This is a great opportunity for folks with
some artistic talent to start contributing - just pick a task, complete it,
and send an e-mail to this mailing list or update the relevant bug with your
work. I only have a few tasks at the moment to talk about but I'm sure Pasi
will chime in with more if there is indeed any others.

 If you want to start a discussion about a particular item below, please
create a new thread!

 1. On some hardware, the boot splash will look distorted. To fix this, we
need to update the Xubuntu plymouth theme's xubuntu-logo.png image to be
4-bit (ie. 16 colors) - which shouldn't be too much of a problem since the
current image only uses white + transparency (so we need to just get rid of
the transparent elements and make it look good without it). To get started,
just grab the xubuntu-artwork branch by running 'bzr get

 2. GDM don't seem to be using Xubuntu theming anymore. I'm not sure of the
exact reason (haven't looked) but the solution might require updating our
theme, updating the relevant configuration, or something else. Lionel
(mr_pouit) or myself might be able to help you tackle this if you need help.

 3. The icon to indicate if an element in the UI is expandable/collapsible
has changed from simple black arrow pointing either down or sideways to a
box with a plus or minus in it. This, I suspect, is the result of changes
made for Ubuntu. We need to investigate if we want this change or if it
doesn't fit well into Xubuntu's look & feel. If the latter, we'll then need
to figure out how to change it back and then to do so.

 4. New background.

 5. Release countdown banner - see inspiration from

 6. Release announcement banner

 7. Updated screenshots for tour and other pages on website.

 8. Other stuff! :)


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