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Thanks for bringing this up, some quick thoughts (mostly to prevent
people doing duplicate work):

On Sun, Apr 11, 2010 at 01:32:25AM -0400, Cody A.W. Somerville wrote:
>  1. On some hardware, the boot splash will look distorted. To fix this, we
> need to update the Xubuntu plymouth theme's xubuntu-logo.png image to be
> 4-bit (ie. 16 colors) - which shouldn't be too much of a problem since the
> current image only uses white + transparency (so we need to just get rid of
> the transparent elements and make it look good without it). To get started,
> just grab the xubuntu-artwork branch by running 'bzr get
> lp:xubuntu-artwork'.

Please don't start working on this one, it'll be a waste of time: the
current plymouth theme is temporary, it needs to be updated with the new
logo & the new ubuntu font. Pasi (knome) & I are on it, get in touch
with knome (on #shimmer, #xubuntu or #xubuntu-devel) if you want to

>  2. GDM don't seem to be using Xubuntu theming anymore. I'm not sure of the
> exact reason (haven't looked) but the solution might require updating our
> theme, updating the relevant configuration, or something else. Lionel
> (mr_pouit) or myself might be able to help you tackle this if you need help.

Bug number?
I can't reproduce it here, so if someone who is affected can file a bug
report against xubuntu-artwork with the following info, that would be
* dpkg -l xubuntu-gdm-theme
* dpkg-divert --list
* ls -al /var/lib/gdm/.gconf* (as root, otherwise you'll have a
  permission denied error)
* and the content of /var/lib/gdm/.gconf.defaults/%gconf-tree.xml (as
  root too, same reason)

>  4. New background.

knome is also working on it.

For all the other stuff, I'm not sure anyone is working on it (maybe
knome on the banner?), so feel free to pick one.



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