Updates for Lucid Lynx

z b novarozz at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 05:35:31 UTC 2010

sounds like you guys need alot more people to help out with some of
the mundane stuff like the advertising

On 4/6/10, Charlie Kravetz <cjk at teamcharliesangels.com> wrote:
> Today we started beta2 testing for Lucid. We have three weeks until
> lucid releases. The scheduled release date is 2010-04-29, and at this
> time, it appears accurate.
> Could we get the xubuntu.org website updated with news about 10.04 ? We
> have done no advertising to speak of, not even the beta1 release notes.
> With three weeks to release, the only way anyone knows we are going to
> release Xubuntu 10.04 is through the Ubuntu Release Team. They did
> reference Xubuntu in the release notes.
> We really should have release notes for beta2. We also should have a
> news clip on http://www.xubuntu.org about lucid.
> Are we going to let the word out? Perhaps some blogging could be done,
> a news clip written and posted to the website, etc. Do we have a
> countdown timer we could use? Are we going to have a new background?
> Time is running out. It seems to me we, as a team, need to start
> getting word out. We also have Ubuntu Open Week coming. Are we doing
> anything for it? That has been a great way to get some people involved.
> Enough rambling.... Are there any answers?
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