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> Hello everybody,
> I've been working on the Xubuntu documenation startpage with Steve and
> Jim lately, check where we are now at
> .
> If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve the page, its
> layout or content, please let us know.
> Let's make Karmic even better than Jaunty and finally improve the
> documentation to the level it deserves to be.

Looks very good, a few remarks;

 * The header is a bit odd, in that you read it from right to left. The logo
is at the right, though it should be something you look at when you first
see it and then glide over to the rest of the page. Therefore I'd put the
"What is Xubuntu?" (which should be a quick introduction but requires a lot
of knowledge in advance to understand, btw) on the right, and the "Welcome
to..." to the left of, or at least left-aligned with, the logo.
 * Light blue on an even-lighter-blue background as found in the footer
isn't really readable ;-)

Nice work though!
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