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Simon Steinbeiß simon.steinbeiss at elfenbeinturm.at
Sat Sep 12 17:22:04 UTC 2009

On Sat, 12 Sep 2009 19:12:26 +0200
Steve Dodier <sidnioulz at gmail.com> wrote:

> > Something  
>  [...]  
>  [...]  
>  [...]  
> > If it's possible (Mads' "4th") anyway, I might be able to pull a
> > programmer for this job. I think we really could use the default Ubuntu
> > theme recolored (as Lionel suggested) if anything else fails. It doesn't
> > really look bad and this can become quite a big burden if we keep on
> > insisting doing something else than Ubuntu does. It has already become
> > quite hard to match what they are having, even without talking about
> > surpassing.
> >
> > The mice might work well, but I think we would still want that the word
> > "Xubuntu" would appear somewhere. Also, I don't know if it would be
> > marketwise intelligent to not include the (X)ubuntu logo – even if we
> > use Xfce and we love it, we are not Xfce. We are Xubuntu, which is kind
> > of part of Ubuntu, so we can't dismiss the Ubuntu marketing completely.
> > It is clear that the Xubuntu logo would not work as the Ubuntu logo
> > (monochrome I mean; as the mouse is overlapping the circle), so what to
> > do then? I don't know. Any other ideas?
> >  
> The idea of the mouse is that the shape of the mouse fits better alongside
> the slider than the shape of the Xubuntu logo. As for keeping the Xubuntu
> word, we could put it below (probably not sexy) or in the bottom left /
> right corner. Thoughts ?

maybe starting with a few mockups would be good (i guess i'm not that good at imagining
these kind of things...)?

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