Default WM Decorations

Philip Newborough corenominal at
Fri Oct 2 23:19:54 UTC 2009

Hello list :)

Apologies if this is subjective, but I thought I would post anyhow.
Basically, I really like the Default Xfce window decorations, but
personally I do not think they are working overly well with the
current Xubuntu GTK+ theme, Albatross.

Active windows look really nice, where the menu bar blends in seamlessly
with window decoration. However, with inactive windows, the window
decoration changes colour to a lighter shade and ceases to blend with
the menu bar. Is this a usability thing? I do not know, but IMHO, it
just looks wrong.

So anyhow, I set about making some modifications to the Default window
decorations and made both the active and inactive windows blend. I also
changed the inactive title text colour so that it has less contrast.

I have posted some before and after screenshots:



It is probably hard to judge the difference by looking at the above
screenshots, so if anyone is interested in testing the modified theme,
let me know and I will attach a tarball. No problem if not. :)

 -- Philip

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