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Pasi Lallinaho open at knome.fi
Fri Mar 6 22:37:41 UTC 2009

Hi Jannis,

Jannis Pohlmann wrote:
> On Fri, 06 Mar 2009 22:48:56 +0200
> Pasi Lallinaho <open at knome.fi> wrote:
>> Jim Campbell wrote:
>>> On Fri, Mar 6, 2009 at 1:41 PM, Pasi Lallinaho <open at knome.fi
>>> <mailto:open at knome.fi>> wrote:
>>>     Hello everybody,
>>>     just a quick message/request for comments about artwork to
>>> Jaunty. We have been discussing the artwork for Jaunty in
>>> #xubuntu-devel lately, as
>>>     many of you know.
>>>     You can look at something ready at
>>>     http://emonk.fi/open/xubuntu/jaunty-artwork/.
>>> <statements of personal impressions and preferences>
>>> Pasi, these are beautiful.  Thank you so much for putting them
>>> together.  My personal preference is for GDM #2, but it is not a
>>> strong preference.  I think any one of them would be great.
>>> The wallpaper is super-great, too.  :)  I like how the Xubuntu logo
>>> is so big on the page, but so nicely integrated.
>>> Have we settled on an icon, gtk, or xfwm theme yet?  In regards to
>>> the GTK theme, Murrina Storm Cloud is nice looking, but it seems we
>>> have used it for the past 3 or 4 releases.  It would be nice for a
>>> change if we can find a suitable replacement.  As for xfwm4 themes,
>>> I like Xfce 4.6's default xfwm4 theme. 
>>> Again, great work!  =)
>>> Jim
>>> </statements of personal impressions and preferences>
>> Hi Jim and everybody,
>> here's some comments about GTK+, icon and xfwm themes.
>> I've also talked about the GTK+ theme selection. On
>> http://emonk.fi/open/xubuntu/jaunty-gtk/ you can see screenshots from
>> MurrinaStormCloud and Murrina-Tangoesque. I think *Cloud is nice
>> looking, but is a bit too contrasted. The contrast on *Tangoesque is
>> fine for me, but might be too uncontrasted for many. Something between
>> these would be perfect (that's only my opinion) - either of them is
>> fine for me otherwise.
>> Both the themes have the problem that the scrollbar is *way* too light
>> for the window borders. Maybe we can just adjust this color and the
>> color of the window borders to fit the background.
>> What comes about changing a theme, we might be a bit late on the
>> release cycle. I also don't have any experience on GTK+ themes, so
>> maybe in Karmic?
>> Anyway, I suggest some action on this and totally want any feedback
>> and all of your opinions.
> I'm currently using Shiki-Brave which looks very nice in combination
> with your wallpapers.
I suppose you are talking about the Shiki-colors at xfce-look.org
(http://www.xfce-look.org/content/show.php?content=86717)? Are you
referring to the MurrineSVN or Clearlooks version?

I could see this as the default theme for Xubuntu. However, my only
concern is that the title bars might be a little bit too tall. Also, I
personally just miss *some* kind of window borders (more than 1px black).

I suppose this theme is also not packaged for Ubuntu, so that would
bring in some more work.
>> I'm using the "Default" in Xubuntu Jaunty and I'm totally satisfied
>> this. You are allowed to disagree. Please do tell any negative
>> feelings out loud, if you have some issues with this.
> I really ike the default xfwm4 theme in 4.6. 
Just to make sure - are we talking about the same theme now? :)

Anyway, I have to review my statement and say that I'm not *totally*
satisfied with the theme. I expressed my thoughts earlier at
#xubuntu-devel; the padding between the window icon and the top border
and the "sticky" icon is not big enough (add maybe 1px to top and 2-4px
to right - and maybe move the icon 2px left). You can refer to
http://emonk.fi/open/xubuntu/jaunty-gtk/jaunty-scrollbar.png on this issue.

Thanks again for the input, it's really valuable.

Pasi Lallinaho
Xubuntu Marketing Lead
Web-designer, graphic artist
IRC: knome @ freenode

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