Claws-Mail Icon Theme

Simon Steinbeiß simon.steinbeiss at
Mon Jun 22 11:20:40 UTC 2009

SD wrote:
> As I told you, I think the need for so many non-stock icons come from a
> design problem in the GUI. Evolution is quite advanced too and yet manages
> to use the stock icons. I agree that there may be missing icons in fd.o's
> icons lists, but in this case the claws developers should try to get them
> included there instead of using internal icons.

I agree with you there, the best thing would be to have a client that is easy to use,
feature rich etc. and also only uses the system's icons. But realistically speaking for
Karmic such a client seems to be out of reach, no?
I don't see that GUI changes happening with Claws in the short run. Maybe it's a problem
of Claws having an established user-base and devs care more about what they like about
their software themselves rather than trying to get new users (and maybe pissing off a
few old ones). But I'll try to write more bug-reports and hope that brings about a slight
change in the direction that Claws is heading.

> Anyways, I'd love it if we could know (ie. be 100% sure) which client to use
> before august, so I could code a plugin for proper indicator-applet support
> (and remove the messy notifications ! meh).

I thought both clients have notification-plugins that you could easily setup to send the
notification via "notify-send" so that they are in line with other notifications (hmm, or
am I missing the point here?)...

> SD.
> PS : Good luck for your thesis !

Thanks! (I fear I might need it :) )


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