StormOS Beta ISO out

Andrew Stormont andyjstormont at
Fri Jun 5 16:02:00 UTC 2009

Hi everybody,

The StormOS Hail Beta ISO has now been released and is available for
download immediately, grab it here <>.

StormOS is the first desktop distribution based on Nexenta Core Platform 2
which combines the power of the Solaris kernel with the ease of use of
Ubuntu. It aims to be a lightweight OS with everything the average user
would want out-of-the-box.

The project was started due to my dissatisfaction with OpenSolaris. I found
it slow on my netbook, and although it runs great on my desktop I dislike
IPS. APT is much nicer.

Out of the box it includes:

   - Polished Xfce 4 Desktop enviroment
   - Abiword word processor
   - Gnumeric spreadsheet
   - Gimp - GNU Image Manipulation Program
   - Rhythmbox Music Player with support for iPod + iTunes sharing and
   - Risretto image viewer
   - Fast and customizable Firefox 3 web browser
   - Easy package management with Synaptic Package Manager and gdebi
   - Transmission bittorrent client
   - Evince PDF viewer
   - File-roller archive manager with Thunar integration

The first release is called "Hardy Hail" or just "Hail" for short.

I welcome feedback on the forums or IRC channel (#stormos on

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