isos oversized again: replace gimp, remove gnome-user-guide etc.?

Steve Dodier sidnioulz at
Sun Jul 19 22:47:05 UTC 2009

Hello to you too,

You may not have noticed it, but at the moment, due to a bug in GDM,
gnome-session is being installed alongside the Xubuntu session, which
results in a bunch of unneeded packages finishing on the CD. Of course, this
will be fixed and these packages will not be shipped in the final release.

On another side, "isos oversized again" seems a bit wrong to me since the
Jaunty final ISOs weight less than 633MB, which is, I hope you will agree
with me, sufficient for a CD-rom.

As for removing gimp-help-common, I believe this will be done upstream
anytime soon, and we will profit from this too. If you think mtpaint is a
good challenger for the replacement of Gimp, it would be very kind from you
to write a comparison of these applications, in order to determine which is
more likely to answer the users' need. Thanks in advance if you do it. (
probably a good place for it).
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