isos oversized again: replace gimp, remove gnome-user-guide etc.?

John McCabe-Dansted gmatht at
Sun Jul 19 22:23:45 UTC 2009

The karmic-alternate-powerpc.iso is a whopping 744MB. Even the i386 is
slightly oversized at 702MB.

My  suggestionts would be to

1) Replace gimp with mtpaint, saving about 25MB. Much as I like gimp,
I don't think gimp has any place in a lightweight distro.
- gimp-help-common alone is a 15MB deb.
- gimp takes 7 seconds to start up on my 4GB Core 2 Duo.

By comparison mtpaint is 543k deb, and is able to do all the basic
stuff one needs like unsharp masks, resizing, adjusting contrast etc.
It starts up instantaneously (on a Core 2 anyway).

2) Remove the gnome-user-guide packages. I understand that Xubuntu
looks a lot like Gnome these days, but are these both needed and

3) Since the language-packs should be automatically installed as
required can we trim them from powerpc iso? Personally, I am happy
with LANG_C :)

4) Remove the following packages:
 4a: lintian (How many users really need to check debs for errors?)
 4b: nautilus (Isn't that what thunar is for?)
 4c: Ubiquity (why do we need ubiquity debs on the alternate CD)
 4d: gnome-about (what about gnome? this is Xfce. This requires
removing gnome-panel, but we have xfce4-panel)
 4e: Possibly lots of other gnome things. How much of the gnome
packages does Xfce really need?

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