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>Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 13:46:37 -0800
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>Subject: Re: CD Distribution
>As an Xubuntu user and a Fedora Ambassador who handles CD distribution on
>the US West Coast, it's not a stupid idea.
>It would take volunteers to maintain it, a budget to provide CDs to people
>by mail, and this speaks to perhaps Xubuntu tapping into the Ubuntu LoCo
>groups to help with this (if Xubuntu users aren't active in the LoCos
>already) by having Xubuntu disks available to those folks going to LUG
>meetings and other GNU/Linux events.
>[Also, is this where this discussion should take place? The Development
>Discussion list? ]
>I'd be open to helping organize this, because Xubuntu is probably the best
>of the *buntus, as far as I'm concerned.
>Larry Cafiero
>Felton Linuxworks
>6116 Highway 9, Suite 4
>Felton, CA 95018

Thanks Larry, glad to make the acquaintance of just the person I was hoping
I could talk to.

I sent this to xubuntu-devel for two reasons: 
1) I was already signed up here.
2) I had a hunch it would catch Cody's ear quicker from here. :)

I'm more than willing to take this discussion to another board if it would
be more appropriate elsewhere, but to reply:

I was hoping this idea could circumvent the whole need for a budget by
putting the actual distribution in the hands of the community. 
Perhaps such a thing would be a recipe for disaster if folks ended up
receiving bad burns or (Say it ain't so!!) a nice little rootkit
slipstreamed in.
In that case, I can see the need for an "official" distribution system with
trusted, registered donors and tested disks.



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