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J. Anthony Limon j at
Mon Dec 28 01:07:33 UTC 2009

Pasi Lallinaho wrote:
> J. Anthony Limon wrote:
>> Pasi Lallinaho wrote:
>>> Now, where did this discussion go?
>>> People seemed to like the council-type approach; what's next? Anybody
>>> has obejctions? Should we first propose this to the Community Council
>>> (or some place else) or just take the new governance into use? Cody, can
>>> you be our link to the other councils or whatever, as you seem to know
>>> them best?
>>> What's the situation with the technical team leadership? Cody, Lionel?
>>> What's the situation with Michael? Can we remove Joszef's name from the
>>> leaders list - he's still not appeared from the mist.
>>> To make Lucid be as good and stable as possible, I think we also should
>>> have a developer meeting soonish. If we can get the governance things
>>> sorted before or while the meeting, GREAT!
>>> Cheers,
>> Well I'm more than willing to help out in any way I can. In fact, I've 
>> recently developed and deployed a Wordpress based website for a client 
>> to familiarize myself with the Wordpress system in case you needed any help.
>> - J
> Hey J,
> I was asking about the governance side, but yes, we also need help with 
> actually doing things! ;)
> If you really want to be useful, make yourself familiar with the 
> WordPress "loop". We are probably not going to touch the PHP code a lot, 
> so the layout and theme is the biggest thing to worry about.
> If you have any ideas or even a layout proposal, please feel free to 
> step up and tell us about it! Any design made by anybody would undergo 
> changes, so don't be afraid even if your work is not perfect/totally 
> finished. It is better to work together from the earlier stage and not 
> try to modify a complete theme.
> -- 
> Pasi Lallinaho
> Xubuntu Marketing Lead
> Web-designer, graphic artist
> IRC: knome @ freenode

Sorry about the double reply, Thunderbird had some SMTP issues with my 
multiple SMTP settings.

- J

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