Idea for Lucid (and beyond..)

Jarno Suni jarno.ilari.suni at
Sun Dec 6 14:05:55 UTC 2009

On Sat, Dec 5, 2009 at 5:25 AM, Pasi Lallinaho <open at> wrote:
> J. Anthony Limon wrote:
>> Hi team,

>> On my system I use a mixture of xfce4-taskmanager and htop, I'm not sure
>> if this would be satisfactory on the majority of people's desktops but I
>>   am of the opinion that GSM has to go.

I was not aware of xfce4-taskmanager. Thanks. I configured CPU Graph
panel plugin to use it. Sad that you can't set the plugin's "Width" to
zero, BTW.

> Agree. There is loads of *decent* video player alternatives. I've never
> liked Totem. It sounds it is from the stone-age. I'd really like to see
> something else already in Lucid.

Totem mozilla plugin works pretty well. It is easy to set it to full
screen mode. Even works with it, not with firefox, but with
midori. Random access seems to be impossible in linux, still :(

> My personal experience is that PA is only bringing in problems, but if
> we can get those sorted out, I can live with it. I hear PA can do
> wonderful things once it works.

I have tried PA when I used Ubuntu, and I could not make 2nd analog
line out of my sound card work with it. Both line outs have always
worked in Xubuntu (since 2006 when I started using it).

> We probably want to ship Exaile as our default media player for Lucid
> also, but I want to finger at the really bad quality of media players in
> general in Karmic. Most of them do not work for me at all (read: they
> crash constantly or leak into memory).

I haven't seen such crashes. Exaile is the first music player by which
I find it easy to set up a collection and easy to use generally. But
it is so young, there is some unresponsiveness.

Alsaplayer is more mature and has nice controls such as arbitrary
playback speed between -400% and 400%, but it does not have a proper
collection management, AFAIK.

As for remote control of such players, Lirc stopped working at all
with my remote control device in Karmic due to its kernel.


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