Xubuntu team direction

J. Anthony Limon j at flippo.net
Sat Dec 5 01:19:19 UTC 2009

Pasi Lallinaho wrote:
> Jim Campbell wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Although I was only there for two of the days, and Cody was sick for 
>> one of those two days, Cody and I we were able to meet during UDS, and 
>> talk about possible plans for the 10.04 release of Xubuntu.
>> Of course we talked about some of the regular topics (and I'll have a 
>> separate email about those), but I wanted to separate out a key 
>> component of our plans from any discussions about regular 
>> distro-related issues.  Specifically, we need to talk about team 
>> leadership and team member roles. 
>> As you know, after several releases as the project lead for Xubuntu, 
>> Cody wants to step down and assume the role of a regular contributor.  
>> I spoke briefly with Daniel Holbach while at UDS, and the community 
>> council would prefer that we attempt to come to a decision as a group 
>> instead of just bringing the matter to the community council.  It 
>> makes sense, as we should be self-directed rather than dependent on an 
>> outside group to come to a decision that we may not like (and that may 
>> not work for us).
>> With that, it's really up to us to decide how we handle the 
>> transition.  Do we want to continue to have a singular project 
>> leader?  If so, what responsibilities would that entail, and who could 
>> that be?  If we choose not to go that route, or if no one wishes to 
>> assume that role, could a group of people assume particular leadership 
>> roles?  What could this look like? 
>> We need to decide this as a community, so please share your thoughts.  
>> What would be best for Xubuntu?  What would you like to see?  What 
>> concerns do you have, and how could those concerns be addressed?  What 
>> role(s) would you be willing and able to assume?  Feel free to share 
>> any other questions or thoughts.
>> Thanks very much,
>> Jim
> Thanks Jim for bringing this topic up. I appreciate it very much.
> With all respect to Cody, I think the singular project leader approach 
> didn't work out too great on some of the situations. Too many times I 
> thought there was this one guy who always could veto anything any other 
> leader had done. This was discussed once thoroughly and as Cody said, he 
> thought working with the rest of the team was easier and kind of more 
> pleasant. And I couldn't agree more. There wasn't that much decisions to 
> be done after that, so I don't know if this approach would have worked 
> in the long run after all.
> Thank you again, Cody.
> So where am I coming here? Well, I think Xubuntu could benefit from 
> several leadership roles. Maybe these leaders could form some kind of 
> council to discuss some important things and bring a shared 
> conclusion/settlement if the developer community seems to disagree a 
> lot. If there still would be disagreement and the council couldn't come 
> to any conclusion, then I think the leader for the particular team would 
> have the final word.
> I once left the Amarok project as I wasn't listened to when I spoke on 
> artwork and web – even if I was clearly the guy with most experience on 
> those areas. I've had a fear that the Xubuntu team would slowly slide 
> into this situation and several coordinated and equal powered leaders 
> would definitely take away this fear.
> Referring to my previous email to the development mailing list [1] I 
> will focus on other things than previously, but I'm willing to continue 
> as the Xubuntu Marketing Lead if nobody has any objections about that. 
> This would probably also mean that I'd be one of the several leaders, 
> representing marketing and, obviously, artwork.
> Whatever the path is we choose to follow, one thing is for sure: we need 
> more developers.
> [1] https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-devel/2009-October/007158.html
> Cheers,
> -- 
> Pasi Lallinaho
> Xubuntu Marketing Lead
> Web-designer, graphic artist
> IRC: knome @ freenode

I concur completely with Pasi,

A council of some sort is (almost) always the best way to handle 
community projects. It allows more thought and process as well as serves 
as a sort of fail-safe for when someone cannot perform their duties.

As a new member of the community I will continue to find my place within 
it that best serves the users and further development of the system 
itself. I have several ideas and criticisms I'd like to bring into 
'play' concerning the Lucid development process and I think the council 
idea would make it easier for smaller voices to be heard and considered.

- J

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