Xubuntu team direction

J. Anthony Limon j at flippo.net
Fri Dec 4 21:05:02 UTC 2009

Jim Campbell wrote:
> Hi All,
> Although I was only there for two of the days, and Cody was sick for one 
> of those two days, Cody and I we were able to meet during UDS, and talk 
> about possible plans for the 10.04 release of Xubuntu.
> Of course we talked about some of the regular topics (and I'll have a 
> separate email about those), but I wanted to separate out a key 
> component of our plans from any discussions about regular distro-related 
> issues.  Specifically, we need to talk about team leadership and team 
> member roles. 
> As you know, after several releases as the project lead for Xubuntu, 
> Cody wants to step down and assume the role of a regular contributor.  I 
> spoke briefly with Daniel Holbach while at UDS, and the community 
> council would prefer that we attempt to come to a decision as a group 
> instead of just bringing the matter to the community council.  It makes 
> sense, as we should be self-directed rather than dependent on an outside 
> group to come to a decision that we may not like (and that may not work 
> for us).
> With that, it's really up to us to decide how we handle the transition.  
> Do we want to continue to have a singular project leader?  If so, what 
> responsibilities would that entail, and who could that be?  If we choose 
> not to go that route, or if no one wishes to assume that role, could a 
> group of people assume particular leadership roles?  What could this 
> look like? 
> We need to decide this as a community, so please share your thoughts.  
> What would be best for Xubuntu?  What would you like to see?  What 
> concerns do you have, and how could those concerns be addressed?  What 
> role(s) would you be willing and able to assume?  Feel free to share any 
> other questions or thoughts.
> Thanks very much,
> Jim


Some changes I've had in mind since the 9.10 release is the possibility 
of removing gnome-app-install from the default metapackage because it 
gives a false impression of what is actually available in the apt 
repositories. Perhaps mine was never configured properly but I also 
hardly ever used it.. I've since removed it completely.

It would also be nice to encourage the developer (or even help with the 
code) to further xfce4-taskmanager due to the bloated nature of Gnome 
System Monitor. I'm not trying to sound like an anti-gnome troll or 
anything, but even the most hardcore GNOME fan can tell you the 
shortcomings of that app. (Specifically simply starting it usually makes 
a system hang and it has had serious performance issues for many 
releases.) (Source: http://abock.org/2008/09/03/stay-classy-gnome)

If anything else comes to mind I will bring them up in the future and 
will keep an eye on developing comments. I look forward to seeing how 
this thread develops. :)

- J

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