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Cody A.W. Somerville cody-somerville at ubuntu.com
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On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 8:42 AM, Lionel Le Folgoc <lionel at lefolgoc.net>wrote:

> By the way, Cody, did you talk with cjwatson about your "gdm-legacy"
> package? Afaik, autologin config has changed before 2.20 and 2.26, so
> the option in ubiquity should be fixed/hidden for Xubuntu.

Mario already mentioned this to me. I'll patch ubiquity to work correctly.


 > Regarding the screensaver, gnome-screensaver now depends on
> gnome-session,
> > and if this can not be fixed, it should be dropped ASAP. And I think that
> it
> > would be more profitable to try to make xscreensaver's dialog better
> (that
> > is to say fix system theming + a11y issues) than to keep
> gnome-screensaver,
> > because :
> > - the xscreensaver author, of which g-screensaver is a fork, claims that
> > g-screensaver may not be secure
> > - xscreensaver is maintained by someone who is interested in a stable,
> > secure and cross-platform screensaver, while g-screensaver is maintained
> by
> > developers who primarily address the needs of the GNOME users, sometimes
> > regardless of the needs of other users of particular software. While I
> can
> > perfectly understand that, it means future releases of gnome software are
> > always less reliable than from other authors (this reminds me of a
> blogpost
> > that i unfortunately lost, from a GNOME developer stating that GNOME
> needs
> > to learn to take the habit to say when they do changes that can have bad
> > consequences for their users, which they currently don't and which you
> learn
> > of once things are there).
> +1. Imho, we are going to discover more unexpected issues after the release
> because of the "let's-make-everything-rely-on-gnome-session" idea anyway…

As I've already mentioned, gnome-screensaver uses gnome-session to determine
when the session is idle. We can either patch gnome-screensaver to use the
old x11 watcher if the gnome-session dbus interface isn't available or we
could even patch xfce4-power-manager to take care of starting the
screensaver since it monitors idleness not using gnome-session already. If
neither options turn out to be viable for whatever reason, we'll have no
choice but to move to xscreensaver.


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